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We know that you have your own curriculum objectives and budget. That's why we make ourselves personally available to answer your questions about how to use our software with your students.


After you activate your account, you will go to the New User Registration page which provides three options:

  • an independent learner;
  • a teacher trying out the program myself; or
  • a tutor or parent setting up one or more students.
If you select tutor or parent, your next step is to add the student or students who will use the programs. Click the "Add Student" button to do so.

Afterwards, you will choose the programs for your student(s) to use.

Click on the Programs link on the top navigation bar, then click on the Assign link next to the program you want your student to use.

Once a program is assigned, your student may login to their own account and begin using the Merit Online learning activities.

If you select independent learner or teacher trying out the program, you will go to a screen where you can immediately use the Merit Online learning activities.

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We have GED Preparation software that can help you get ready to take the GED exam. You must go to an official GED testing center to take the actual exam. Please visit the Official GED Web Site for more information on testing sites, the structure of the exam, and on finding GED classes in your area at

Our GED Prep Bundle contains reading comprehension, writing, math, science, and social studies lessons that go from a U.S. grade level 8.0 to 11.0. If you can master exercises in the GED Prep Bundle, you will complete many requirements for the GED exam.

For more information on the GED Prep Bundle, click here.
The content of all versions of Merit Software is the same. School (multi-user) versions feature a more powerful record management system than the Home versions. In addition, no more than two users may use a Home version.

Home version:
For use on one computer. Contains record keeping for 2 students.

1 Station:
For use on one computer. Contains record keeping for 42 students.

Networkable versions:
Allows use on one network. The license determines the number of stand-alone computers or concurrent users. Contains record keeping for 1,000 students.
There are several ways to find the right programs for you:

- View recommendations sorted by type of student.

- Try searching according to different criteria such as grade and subject area.

- Focus on "Top Choice" programs as you view products by subject.

If you are still not sure which programs can help you, please feel free to ask us.

Send us a brief note describing your students and outlining the issues that you would like to address with our software. We will reply shortly with suggestions.
Mac users can use our Home Versions and 1:Station Versions with one of the many options to run Windows software on an Intel-based Mac. For more information about Windows-emulators for Macintosh, click here.

Merit web-delivered programs work well, however, on Macs.